Jewelry Protection

All Nikiforidis Jewelry have been treated with a technique that helps to prevent loss of shine.

However, it is still important that you follow our suggested care instructions.

Important information
Nikiforidis Jewelry cannot guarantee that the gold-plating of our items will last forever. Silver, as well as gold plated silver, is oxidized over time. Gold-plated items are, by their nature, more fragile and susceptible to lose colour or blacken over time. Its color and shine are altered. Exposure to certain chemicals or environments may compromise the integrity of your jewelry. This includes perspiration (sweat), fragrances, cleaning products, salt water, sulfur, skin creams, hair products, chlorine, silver polish etc. Oxidation is not a manufacturing defect. For this reason, it is particularly important to ensure suitable care of your silver jewelry.

Maintaining the shine
We strongly recommend taking off your jewelry before going to bed, showering, or taking part in any physical activity. In case your jewelry comes in contact with the above mentioned chemicals, make sure you wash it with plenty of water afterwards and then dry it very well.

Cleaning your jewelry
Mix a little soap with lukewarm water and rub the item with a soft toothbrush. Toothbrushes are perfect for cleaning jewelry with difficult-to-access corners. If dirt persists, carry out the same process in clean water. Important: gold-plated items require greater care. Rubbing too hard may cause loss of plating. It is therefore important that you do this gently in order to avoid any damage. A special silver-polishing cloth is a great tool to make your jewellery shine again, in the event that it becomes darkened over time. However, this technique will not remove any scratches or dents present on the jewelry.

How to store your jewelry
Store your jewels separately in their original packaging or in a soft pouch to prevent them from being engraved or tangled with each other. Under no circumstances should you store your jewelry in areas with strong humidity or water vapor. Jewelry can lose its shine when exposed to air during a long period of time. They should also be kept away from any exposure to sunlight or warm places, ideally in a padded jewellery box or tarnish-resistant bag.

      In case your favorite jewel is worn out, you can always contact us to repair it.